Pain Drain: Dealing With The Pain Before A Root Canal Treatment

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By the time you find out that you need a root canal, you may already be in pain. If you know that you need to get a root canal due to tooth decay, you should schedule an appointment for one as soon as possible. For many dental offices, that may be within a day or two. In the meantime, you will have to live with the pain that you are in before you can get a root canal treatment. Here are some tips on dealing with the pain that needing a root canal brings. 

Take a non-aspirin medication

Since aspirin may cause or contribute to blood thinning, may dentists will ask that you take a non-aspirin medication for the pain. Be sure that you are following the directions of the medication and not taking too much medication, though you may be in pain. If you still have pain despite taking the pain relief medication, you can also use an oral numbing agent. Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply the numbing agent to and around the tooth. This will keep your gums and tooth somewhat numb, which will allow you to go about your daily life. 

Eat soft foods on the other side

Depending on how much your tooth has decayed, you may feel a shocking pain when any type of water or food touches the tooth. If the area near the affected tooth is sensitive, you may need to chew on the side away from your painful tooth. Chewing away from the tooth can also keep the tooth from being irritated. If possible, eat light foods, keep them away from the tooth that is damaged, and keep your mouth on that side closed and still. 

Rub petroleum jelly on the tooth

If the tooth has a hole, similar to a cavity, this can be covered with the use of petroleum jelly. Rub a little bit of petroleum jelly on the tooth itself where the hole exists. This will protect any underlying nerve from being exposed to the air, and it will keep the tongue from rubbing against the cut tooth. If the nerve is exposed, a heavy layer of petroleum jelly over and inside of the opening can keep you from being in pain. Be sure to rub pure petroleum jelly on the tooth rather than a jelly that has other ingredients that could irritate the mouth and gums. 

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