There's More To Choosing A Toothbrush Than You May Think

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A surprising number of people simply toss their next toothbrush into their shopping cart without giving it much thought. They may choose the toothbrush according to its color or because the handle has one of their favorite characters on it. Many people also choose their toothbrush according to which one is on sale at the time. However, there should be much more that goes into choosing your next toothbrush than it having a look that you like. You can learn some important factors regarding deciding on your next toothbrush so you know you are making a good, informed decision by reading the information given to you here:

Consider switching to an electric toothbrush

There are many benefits that come with using an electric toothbrush over a regular one. However, some people don't like them because they feel like they don't have full control over the movement of the toothbrush and some other people find that they feel a tickling sensation they don't like. However, the benefits they offer are well worth it if you can get over those things. The electric toothbrushes enable you to brush your teeth much more thoroughly and remove more plaque and bacteria than you can get off with a regular toothbrush.

Know what bristles work best

It's really important for you to know the type of bristles that work the best for your teeth. If you have thinner enamel than most people then you should stick with medium to soft bristles. If you have sensitive teeth or gums then again, you may want to stick with soft or medium. If you have healthy teeth and you tend to eat foods that have a god deal of sugar in them then you may want to go with hard bristles so you know you are really scrubbing them well.

Consider the shape of the handle

If you buy a toothbrush that has a straight handle then it is going to be a bit more difficult for you to reach the backside of your molars. For this reason you should get yourself a toothbrush that has a bend near the bristles. It will allow you to reach all of the areas of your teeth easier.

Consider the size of the head

If you have a very small mouth then you won't want to get yourself a toothbrush with a very large head or it will be uncomfortable. If you have a larger mouth and you happen to have very large teeth then you should go with a toothbrush that has a larger head so you can cover the surfaces of all of your teeth more efficiently.

Try to buy better quality toothbrushes

When you buy one of the more generic toothbrushes on the market you will more than likely find that the bristles will flare out on you much faster, leading you to replace your toothbrushes more often. It's worth it to spend a few more dollars to know that you are using a better quality toothbrush. You can boil the toothbrush on the stove to clean it.

For more advice about choosing the right toothbrush for you, talk to your dentist today.