3 Reasons You Could Require A Deep Dental Cleaning

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Anyone who has taken a long hiatus between dentist appointments will need to have their teeth extra thoroughly cleaned. A deep dental cleaning is needed to eliminate plaque that has built up under the gum-line and tartar that has accumulated on hard to reach areas of your teeth. You may actually need to schedule two visits with your dentist to complete a deep dental cleaning if substantial plaque and tartar need to be removed. Here are three reasons why a patient might get their deep teeth deep cleaned at the dentist's office keeping as well as how to keep their mouths healthier:

1. The Treatment of Gum Disease - When your gums get neglected, they can become diseased. In fact, your dentist will tell you that the specific term for this is gum disease and it affects roughly 50% of all adults in the United States, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Tobacco users are at a higher risk of developing gum disease, but virtually anyone can get it. Having deep dental cleanings performed can help to treat existing cases of gum disease as well as keep it from becoming an issue in healthy dental patients.

2. It's Necessary Before Being Fitted For Braces - Your dentist can use x-rays of your mouth to determine if you can benefit from braces, in which you would need to see an orthodontist for a proper fitting. A dentist would normally also perform a deep dental cleaning in preparation so that you can get your braces faster and to enable them to fit on your teeth better. With an extra clean set of teeth, there will be a lower risk of a bacterial infection developing in your mouth after having braces installed.

3. Lengthy Hiatuses Between Dentist Visits - It is recommended that you visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings twice a year for preventative purposes. If this suggested schedule is followed you probably won't need too many deep dental cleanings during your lifetime. However, patients who delay routine dental cleanings and check-ups can pretty much expect to sit for a deep dental cleaning every time they go to the dentist.

You will have less plaque build up on your teeth so long as you floss, brush and use mouthwash when you care for your mouth. Engaging in great oral hygiene will absolutely keep your mouth healthier but there might still be a chance that you will require deep dental cleanings. Just come back to the dentist's office every six months and your next dental exam should be less intensive.