3 Signs That You Need A Root Canal

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It can sometimes be difficult to determine what is going on in your mouth and when you need a certain procedure or surgery done. This is because there are so many things that can go wrong with your teeth, so it is a huge guessing game. When it comes to the need to get a root canal, there are certain things that you can expect. This article will discuss 3 signs that you may need to get a root canal.

Painful Gums

If you begin to feel a painful sensation in the gums above a particular tooth, this is a sign that you may need to get a root canal. You may also see lumps around your gums that are red and inflamed. The pain in the gums is likely a result of the infected tooth attached below. If left untreated, the gums can become infected and this infection may spread to other portions of your mouth, jaw, and other areas in your body. These kinds of infections can be very harmful and should be avoided if at all possible.  To avoid them, simply go into the doctor as soon as you feel the pain in your gums to see if it is the side effect of an infected tooth that needs a root canal.

Continuous Sensitivity

Another sign that you may need to get a root canal is increased sensitivity in your teeth. This isn't typical sensitivity that occurs when you bite into something that is hot or cold, but is instead a continuous feeling of sensitivity. This means that your tooth will continue to hurt you and feel sensitive long after you have done eaten something hot or cold or done anything to make it feel sensitive. This is due to the damage or infected roots of your tooth that are shooting pain throughout your tooth.

Visible Cavity Or Crack In Tooth

If you have a large cavity in your tooth, or if you have a crack, this is the perfect location for bacteria to get in and for an infection to be created. This can then lead to a very damaged tooth that will most likely need to receive a root canal. If you happen to notice either of these things occurring, then you should get into your dentist as soon as possible so that your tooth is not damaged so much that a root canal becomes a necessity.