3 Ways To Make A Pediatric Dental Office Seem More Friendly For Your Child

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When you take your child into the pediatric dentist office it is important that they see it as a friendly atmosphere and a place that isn't scary. Thankfully, pediatric dentists work hard to make the dentist office a place that children don't have to fear. This article will discuss 3 ways to make a pediatric dental office seem more friendly for your child. 

Show Them All The Fun Things In The Waiting Room

Pediatric dentists generally do an excellent job of making the waiting room a very fun place for children to walk into when they first enter the dental office. They realize that this room will create the first impression for their patients, so they do their very best to make it a fun one. Most waiting rooms have a theme in them that spreads through out the entire dental office. This theme generally includes animals of some kind, whether it be fish, zoo animals, bugs, or some other critter. Children generally love these themes and they enjoy looking at all of the cool decor. The waiting room is also generally full of games, books, televisions, and other fun things for your child to do while they are waiting to go back for their appointment. This helps them to relax and calm them before they are called back to have their teeth taken care of. 

Introduce Them To The Entire Dental Staff 

Once your child has seen the fun waiting room and spent some time playing in there, you can then take them back to meet the entire staff. You can introduce them from everyone to the receptions to the dental hygienist. This allows your child to become familiar with the entire staff and more comfortable with them. Meeting and talking with all of the staff can be very beneficial for your child because they will notice all of the friendly faces when they go into the dentist for the first time for treatment. This will help them to see that the dentist is a warm and welcoming place, rather than a scary place that is full of strangers. 

Show Your Child The Prizes For Good Brushing

Since pediatric dentists realize how important it is for children to brush their teeth, they offer prizes for those children who do a great job of brushing their teeth. These prizes really motivate the kids to brush their teeth and help them to get excited about going to the dentist and having their teeth examined. 

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