Experiencing Dry Socket? Know How To Treat It At Home

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The aftermath of a tooth extraction will leave a hole in your jaw bone. Your body will form blood clots to stop fluids and food particles from getting inside the hole and coming in contact with the nerves. If the blood clot somehow becomes dislodged, which can happen accidentally while spitting or rinsing, you can experience dry socket.

You can tell if you have dry socket by taking a look at your tooth extraction site. When you are experiencing pain and see a whitish bone, then the blood clot is gone and you have an issue with dry socket. While dry socket can be very painful, the size of the hole relates to how much pain you're experiencing. Here are some techniques for dealing with that pain at home.

Clove Oil

Clove oil can act as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, and it is easy to apply to the dry socket while at home if you are experiencing pain. You can purchase clove coil from a health food specialty store or a pharmacy.

Start by getting a small cotton ball that is only big enough to go into the empty socket. Soak this cotton ball with some clove oil, and place it  into the socket. Take another cotton ball soaked in clove oil, and rub it on the gums that surround the area where you have dry socket. This is to help reduce pain that has spread to surrounding teeth.

You may need to repeat this process several times during the day as the pain returns.

Tea Bags

Another way to relieve dry socket is with cold tea bags. The tannins found within the bag will have antibiotic properties that will effectively and quickly reduce the swelling and pain you're experiencing.

You'll want to prep a green tea bag by placing it into your freezer, but make sure it is just cold and not frozen. You can then place this tea bag directly onto the socket that is causing you pain. You can bite down slightly on the cold tea bag to help hold it in the proper place. Hold the tea bag against the socket until the pain goes away, and repeat the process during the day as needed.

While dry socket can be very uncomfortable after having a tooth extracted, the swell and pain can make daily activities hard to do. Hopefully, these tips will help you deal with the pain until a new blood clot forms. Visit a site, like blvdplazadental.com, for more help.