2 Ways To Deal With Dental Nervousness

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If you are a little nervous about going to see the dentist, you can contact them to see what can be done to help deal with your anxiety. If you are too anxious to go to the dentist, you may keep putting it off, which can lead to you having all kinds of problems with your teeth. Putting off visiting the dentist can mean that little cavities that could have been easily dealt with end up as huge root canals that are much more involved, painful, and expensive. So, what are some of the things that your dentist can recommend to you to help deal with your nervousness in visiting them?


One thing that you and the dentist can try is a distraction during your treatment. One way to do this is to use headphones and an audio device. You can listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook during the treatment. It will allow you to focus on something other than what the dentist is doing. You may want to wear headphones that go over your ears and completely cover them, since they will block out outside sounds better. If you do this, make sure that you arrange a signal with your dentist so that they can let you know that they need to talk to you. In order to aid in the distraction, you can also cover your eyes with something like a cloth or sleep mask. That way you aren't seeing what the dentist is doing, which makes it a little easier for you to focus on your distraction method. 


Another option open to you is anti-anxiety medication. Your dentist can prescribe medication to you before your appointment. Generally, it will only be one or two pills because you aren't going to need to have more than that. However, if you are going to have to have several appointments in the near future, they may prescribe more to you. You would take one of these medications right before your appointment, according to the way that your dentist or doctor prescribed them. You will need to have someone drive you home from the appointment since you don't want to drive under the influence of the medication. 

If you are nervous about visiting a dentist, you might put it off. There are ways that you can handle that anxiety and go to see the dentist as regularly as you should.