FAQs About Tooth Extraction

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Tooth removal is a dental process that you may have to undergo if your teeth are unhealthy. However, many misconceptions about this procedure may make you avoid that much-needed appointment with your dentist. With these FAQs about tooth extraction, you can better understand the procedure and get the confidence you require to go through with the process.

What Are the Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Ideally, your permanent teeth should last long, but different reasons make tooth extraction necessary. One reason is because of damage to the teeth due to rotting or trauma. Other reasons for tooth removal include the following:

The reasons for tooth removal can vary depending on the dentist's diagnosis of your teeth condition.

What Does a Tooth Removal Procedure Entail, and Is It Painful?

The tooth removal procedure entails the extraction of the whole infected tooth, including the root. Typically, the process isn't painful because the dentist usually numbs the area around the tooth to be removed with an anesthetic. Additionally, if your doctor recommends tooth extraction surgery, the dentist will give you a sedative. Therefore, you won't feel pain during the whole process.

What's the Average Cost of Tooth Extraction Treatment?

The exact cost of the tooth removal process depends on various factors, such as the number of teeth to be removed, the removal method, and even the dentist you choose. Usually, reputable dentists with experience charge more for their services as they offer quality. To get an affordable rate, compare the charges of different dentists and choose an affordable service. Additionally, the cost of the procedure lowers when your insurer covers the process. Generally, insurers may cover tooth removal procedures because infected teeth harm your health. However, check with your health insurance to be sure of the costs.

These FAQs provide helpful information about what tooth extraction entails, the costs, and the reasons for removing teeth. For more information about the tooth extraction process, contact a dentist.