Common Problems Seen In Children's Teeth

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Dental care is necessary for young children. Proper oral care is vital to a child's dental health and can prevent dental issues later on in life. There are some common problems that children can face that are not as common in adults. Here are some of the issues you should keep an eye out for in your child:

Early Decay

Tooth decay is very common in young children. Children often experience more tooth decay early in life than later in life for several reasons. Some children just are more genetically predisposed to getting tooth decay. This can include an improperly aligned jaw, tooth misalignment, soft enamel, and so on. Diet is also another contributor to tooth decay in children. Children who drink a lot of juice and milk can cause decay, especially in the front teeth. The front teeth are more susceptible in children who drink from a bottle or sippy cup. The sugars from the drinks can sit on those front teeth for a long time and result in decay.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is common in children. This can be painful but can also damage the teeth. Most people do not realize children can grind their teeth just like adults. This can be handled with a simple mouthguard.

Gum Disease

Most people think that gum disease is only for adults. However, it can be common in children as well. Gum disease can inflame the gums and become painful. The gums will bleed and can damage the teeth. When gum disease is not cared for, the child could lose teeth when it gets out of control. Losing teeth can result in damage to the jaw bone. Children typically suffer from gum disease when their dental hygiene is poor. Regular dental checkups and daily brushing and flossing can help keep gum disease away.

Improper Tooth Alignment

Children's teeth can get misaligned over time. Some kids' teeth are misaligned due to genetics. They also can get misaligned in children who suck their thumb or used a pacifier for a long time. Sucking on any object for a long time can misshape and misalign the teeth. The front top and bottom teeth can begin to move forward and look out of shape. When you stop the sucking, the teeth may shift back into proper alignment. However, prolonged sucking can result in the need to have orthodontia work done later to repair the teeth.

The best thing you can do to avoid any of these dental problems is to practice good oral hygiene with your child. Some children are not capable of doing their own oral hygiene on their own. This is not only the case for really young children but any child who has not yet mastered the task of properly brushing and flossing their teeth. Be sure to take care of your child's teeth so they can remain in good health.

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